We can say that bowling is a sport challenge, whether it is practiced in a playful way in competition.

Practicing this discipline involves developing an individual technique as complex as you want, and it faces as combine: physical agility, concentration, precision and physical-mind interaction in coordinating the sense of rhythm, balance, muscle control and all emotional, including above all confidence in ourselves.

The guidelines here are reflected, resulting from a personal assessment of the experience that the author has on the world of bowling, and intention that only aim is to summarize and provide very basic ideas, allowing the bowler to improve your game ; whether you practiced as conventional bowling finger.

I. Good physical and emotional state. A cold, hunger or thirst, tiredness or sleep, etc., operate and always negatively affect mood and willingness to play.

If you have to compete and you are physically or mentally ill, it is better to play another day.

The optimal emotional predisposition in this game has many similarities to golf; to apply the best inertia and precision ball must not be neither elated nor too relaxed.

II. Election of the ball. The choice of ball that best suits the way we play is fundamental. We choose a ball, which by its weight and position drills, not undermine our ability to correctly reproduce the launch during successive games to do.

Some unwary or inexperienced players choose balls 15 or 16 pounds, thinking that it will be easier to get full, nothing is further from reality, excessive weight, maneuverability and therefore remains accurate; you can get many consecutive full with a ball of 10 pounds, if the release is done with enough power and precision.

Not find a comfortable to play ball or we know by its serial number removed us always, it is advisable to seek advice from technical staff to acquire machined balls and a ball to our needs (weight, drills and even color).

Public use balls are drilled as standard in almost proportional function, weight ball with the weight and strength of the player, and thus, a ball of 8 and 9 pounds for children will have small holes, typical for these, the As heavy balls 15 and 16 pounds, have broader and separate drills, especially designed for large people who have big hands and with too large or thick fingers. We must choose the balanced compromise between comfort and weight accuracy.

Therefore, it is obvious to choose a ball according to our appearance, this will allow us to refine the ball comfortably full and smooth top with sufficient precision and above all, all that we have left for that seems very complicated (with the exception of 7- 10).

Do not choose a ball to play 2 or 3 games that do not let you play 8 in absolute comfort.

III. Put on properly. Light exercise general and specific trunk warming on joints and most go to work for at least 5 minutes, is highly desirable. The body can not be hard to play and muscles should be warm and elastic, ie, willing to work and sweat shirt.

Also during this heating and without realizing it, we allow the shoes to reach the right temperature for play; if you start playing immediately after CalzArte, suffer the effect of “cool shoes” probably not slide correctly and some snag or a similar trip that happens when you cast without realizing you’ve stepped some liquid, with consequent loss of points will occur that roll and even injury, or at least the suggestion of the player, who in subsequent releases launched in fear; accordingly, the player will be playing well below their average and their potential.

While heating, it is important to check the condition of the track in the area where the race is run and launch; a dirty track much we complicate the proper execution of launch; if little dirty, we can clean it with a damp cloth in alcohol; but if soil is widespread, it is best to ask the technicians to clean bowling track properly, as they as experts who are undoubtedly will understand and will accede to our request; if this happens in official competition, the organizers should warn the observed problem.

IV. Concentration. The concentration ebe be as complete as possible; any circumstance (blows, screams, whistles, improper approach of another player horrible horns on the track next door, etc.) that can cause us an impaired concentration during the pre-launch, should make us withdraw from the contract, it place the ball in the pocket and complete concentration before launching again.

It is convenient to choose the most favorable and appropriate time to launch; It is strongly discouraged to make a hasty launch two players eager to launch the quiet respect for launch time is crucial and so we must make it known if necessary.

Always turn relinquish our right track if the player was ready to launch or if we were to agree even catching the ball.

V. Carrera approach. The approach stroke is approximately 80% in successful launch; the improper execution of this movement (which defines in a few seconds the completion of each launch) negatively marks the resulting movement of the arm with the hand, and certainly the end result.

This race should be done in small steps to ensure balance and completed without haste or changes of pace, this ensures fluidity and time to good pendulum arm, hand out correctly and place the ball on the mark with the same intensity. A well-executed race also minimizes a small mistake in the placement of the ball on the chosen brand.

Many players fail because they release a fast and headlong rush convinced apply more power to the ball to get full.

Others move the body back in time to launch this technical defect usually favors a failure precision ball placement.

The approach run can be compared to the movements of a ballet dancer, this makes their movements smoothly, coordination, without breaks or changes of pace, muscles of the body with some tension but working with elasticity and fluidity.

Only when the player assumes the race bowling approach and implementation launch as a dance, it is when you start to progress

SAW. Hand position. The position of the hand that throws the ball must always be the same, and will be defined in the art, which we consider more comfortable and advantageous for its fluidity and effectiveness demonstrated in practice that are made for the purpose.

Hand, we must make it synchronize with the movement of the body and the pendulum arm.

Release effectiveness depends greatly on the full realization of the pendulum, which, in addition to getting a more powerful launch with less effort, ensures better reproducibility; so the progression in learning more to better use is training.

VII. Arm movement. Arm movement throwing the ball must be synchronized with the race and the balance of the body, too, must be implemented without haste or sudden changes of pace; pendulum is always essential arm with the same intensity, to make the arm forward to faster and place the ball on the desired mark.

VIII. The other arm. From the beginning to the end, the other arm also helps to balance the body in the approach run, often we do not consider involuntary and sometimes inadvertently provoke destabilizing the body on the side of the arm throwing the ball, failing therefore launch precision. Initially it should be helping to support the ball (naturally and not forced) by the lower and contrary to the other hand part; during steps should be extended and separated from the body to help balance; and when releasing the ball also helps to improve balance and throwing accuracy, making counterweight to move back and down something closer to the body.

IX. The psychological factor. Impact very directly on the player and the development of a game. The player must try at all times to launch without pressure and stick to the technique to not get carried away, nor demoralized by some / os failures or by misleading euphoria that a full seduce him excessive and sweet relaxation.

The player during the game, must realize as he’s playing; if it is doing well, you should try not to change anything to keep that line of regularity; and if it is failing, you advise on what is being mistaken and how to fix it quickly so as not to sacrifice the game. To do this, the player must have assimilated the knowledge and practice of this game.

Often in competition, after the third or fourth game, the tracks are not in the same state of oil, the first symptoms of physical and mental fatigue (moral), and decreased ability to concentrate, then the players make more precision errors in both balls.

Therefore, the player must be mentally prepared in advance in dispensing their forces, because they contribute decisively to keep morale high and stable concentration regularly, both must use intelligence to suit the track is no longer as before, and maintain regularity in the middle when others fall.

It is essential to mention here that to be focused on our game, we should ignore all those attitudes and comments that always made some players, often mischievously intended to desconcentrarnos, especially after we had reached several plenary sessions.

One last practical tip: When you’re competing and pressure atenace you hard; forget the score, the adversary, to counter the adversary, the public and everything outside of you; take refuge in the art because it is your best ally, how ?, in your head quietly reviewing the three pillars of technology:

– Short steps to ensure balance
– Slow race to complete the pendulum
– Ball on the mark

If you feel identified / a with this, apply it! and if your method is something, do it because you’ve done it many times and know how.

X. Precision. Precision is the end result of the successful completion of all the sections described above, the success of this accuracy depends summarized and certainly in a physical and psychological predisposition conjugated with a strong ambition to full and auction.

In this sport (as elsewhere), be mentally motivated and look forward to playing it can be summarized as the golden rule.

Therefore, if we assimilate all the knowledge and try to gradually play in practice it is likely to achieve high accuracy in the game, resulting in player satisfaction to consider the practice of this sport, as an attractive and pleasant entertainment.

I hope this text will be invited to reflect on aspects perhaps forgotten something; and as I said earlier, will help improve your game.