Australia has the best online betting sites. Many say that these are the “cream of the crop” in online betting. The top three enables you to find the best odds for whatever sports or racing event you want to bid on. This article will help anyone just getting started and let you know who the top Aussie bookmarkers are.

Best odds

 Being able to get the best odds can usually mean the difference between being a big winner or just breaking even or even worse. Many people that bet online believe that anyone who does this a lot needs to have account set up with several online sports book so you are able to compare the odds and choose sites with the best odds and therefore the best bet.


 Here are a few of the questions that first time betters usually ask such as:

  • Are internet betting sites legal
  • What are they best known for
  • What bookmakers have free bets
  • Unique betting options
  • Promotions or competitions
  • Good customer support at each website

 Best sites

 If you want to bet online and you live in Australia we will tell you about the best betting sites with the best odds and that are:

  • Legal
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Reputable

Most online bookies now have tablet and also mobile betting sites and apps that let you bet wherever you are, with whatever device you use to get to the internet.

Fastest growing in the world

For some reason the Australian sports betting market is said by many to be the fastest growing in the world. The federal government legislation protects gamblers in Australia; betting sites are ruled by state and territory consultants. You need to know what to look for in a betting site – both offshore and domestic and how to securely make a deposit once you have chosen where to play.


 One of the best in Australia is Bet365. They are considered the best for sport betting. By accessing, continuing to use or navigating throughout this site you will accept certain browser cookies to help improve your customer experience with Bet365. They only use cookies which will improve your experience with this website. They also have other online games such as:

  • Financials
  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Games
  • Vegas
  • Bingo

 William Hill

 Next are William Hill and the pros for this betting site including:

  • Excellent selection or betting
  • Low Minimum deposit
  • Focus is on Australian sports

Con for this betting site include:

  • Only bet in play available for live betting
  • Sign up bonuses unavailable to some states and territories
  • Unavailable to US and Italian citizens

 The next best – or number 3 is which has sports betting as well as over 200 casino games. This is one of the largest sports betting websites on the net also with poker and casino games. Daily news items in the sports world are the basis for the wide range of wagers, so their advantage for you is their odds are great.