Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and it’s easy to see why. Its accessible to players of all skill levels, you only require a football and some space, and best of all, it’s fun. The trouble is, most of us aren’t particularly good at it.

Improving your soccer playing ability is just a case of practise, so with these handy hints and tips, you should be on your way to upping your soccer game.

Improve Your Football Touch Skills

Your first touch of the ball as well as what you do after that is going to set you up for success or failure. The problem that most recreational players have is being able to control the ball when it arrives at their feet and then being able to send it where it needs to go.

Try the following exercises;

  • Work on close range one touch passing with a partner. The idea here is to not only be able to control the ball on first touch but to pass it with just one movement. If you can get this right you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better player.
  • Have a teammate repeatedly throw a ball at you. You have two touches to return it to them so you’ll need to first steady the ball when it arrives at your feet and then return it with a pass.

Learn to Use All of Your Foot

Your goal should be also to get faster and more accurate at moving the ball around. To become much better you need to be able to move the ball accurately with any part of your foot, not just the toe and lace area.

These exercises should help;

  • Repeatedly pass a ball backwards and forwards between your legs using only your insoles. Each pass should be fast and accurate.
  • Work on being able to move the ball with the sole area underneath your toes. Repeatedly swipe at the ball with both feet, aiming to move the ball from side to side with one movement. Only the foremost portion of the bottom of your foot should be coming into contact with the ball.

Use Your Other Foot

We all have a dominant side that can perform some wicked moves when we get into the swing of things but this alone won’t make you a good player. You really need to work on bringing your left foot up to speed if you’re a right side dominant player.

This alone will instantly make you much more of a threat on the pitch and will prevent defenders from being able to capitalise on your overreliance on one side of your body.

Professional Soccer Coaching

If you’re really serious about improving your soccer game, some time spent with an expert coach will be beneficial. There are several soccer schools across Australia which provide tuition and will be able to assist you. Soccer training in Melbourne is popular and there are many academies offering lessons although you might find a lot of them marketed towards children. Don’t let this put you off as most will also offer 1 to 1 tuition which will be suitable for adults.

Don’t let your childhood dreams of becoming a top centre forward pass you by, with the right practise, you might find yourself good enough to play for a semi-professional team.