Several families are investing in trampolines for indoor and outdoor use. They offer a means to exercise, have fun and bond with family and friends. Getting the best ones can be daunting if it’s your first time. It’s alarming that a significant percentage of trampolines on the market doesn’t meet the safety standards. However, our best selling trampoline follows the latest standards in Australia. These tips will assist you when shopping for a trampoline that suits your needs.

1                   Choose the right shape

Trampolines come in different shapes like round, square, oval and rectangle. It’s important to know the pros and cons of each option before buying. Rectangular trampolines are a favorite among adults while the round ones are ideal for kids. If you buy the latter, allow one kid to use it at a time. This will help to reduce impact areas and accidents.

2                   Opt for the ideal size

Never overlook the weight limit of each trampoline. There are trampolines that designed for heavy users, while others come in smaller sizes. Some parents make the mistake of purchasing very small ones. They often forget that children tend to grow rapidly and may need to buy a bigger size. This is because it may fail to support their weight and get damaged.

3                   Confirm that it’s easy to install

Most trampolines will come with instructional materials. Make sure that you read all the information. Check the manufacturer’s website for video tutorials and additional information. Choose any of the models that are easy to assemble if you’re planning to install it yourself. The best thing is to invite a skilled installer near you if you’re encountering difficulties.

4                   Buy quality trampolines

It goes without saying that you can use a quality trampoline for several years. In view of this, look for a trampoline with a robust frame which will help to hold everything together. Check whether the frame has UV protection so that it can take long before it wears. It should be welded neatly to avoid injuries too. Quality foam, metal frame, and springs are crucial for a bounce that lasts. Try to install a new frame padding system to an old trampoline or replace it.

5                   Invest in safety accessories

Ensure that young children are supervised when using trampolines indoor or outdoor. Here are some of the accessories that can help to keep them safe.

·        Safety nets

These accessories are a must for children. They usually cover the edges of the trampoline and will prevent kids from falling.

·        Safety Padding

It’s risky to use a trampoline without thick padding. Check whether it is close to the edge and properly fitted to the frame. Trampolines that have ropes as support can lead to serious injuries.

·        Ladder

A ladder will come in handy for getting on/off a trampoline easily.

Failure to maintain yours can void its warranty. Try to adhere to the safety rules and inspect before using it each time.