Sporting kits have always been a popular talking point for fans, from the infamous grey Manchester United kit through to the recent uproar around the Columbus Crew’s 2016 strip.

One particular country that always seems to have an opinion on kits is England, where there are regular instances of terrible, terrible getups (we’re thinking in particular of Everton’s pink strip), and the national team is no exception. The England football kit for the Euro 2016 tournament in France was revealed recently, with the home and away kits being showcased over two friendlies, against Germany and Holland respectively. The kit was met with almost universal criticism online, with many calling it the worst England kit in history.

But is this true? Looking back through the year, there are some awful strips from Admiral and Umbro, as well as some classic kits, such as the beautifully simple iterations from the 1960s. To give you an idea of how England’s football strip has evolved, Shade Station have produced this wonderfully illustrated infographic: