Basketball is a popular sport played all around the globe. It is common to have a basketball court in a school or university. Like any other sport, basketball also requires proper training and equipment. You can find more information in the link- .


Basketball was roughly created by a Canadian physical education teacher named Dr. James Naismith in the year 1891. He was a teacher at The Springfield College, Massachusetts. It was originally made out of a peach basket. The balls had to be thrown into the basket to score points and later had to taken out manually. Later, nets with a bottom opening were introduced to make it convenient.

Basketball was initially played with a soccer ball. The first ball for basketball was made in the 1950s and it was brown in color. Later, the orange balls which you use today were introduced. In the year 1906, metal hoops attached to a backboard were introduced and, use of peach boards was discontinued. The first game of basketball was played on 20th January 1892 in the YMCA gymnasium in Albany, New York with nine players. Teams of five players each were officially standardized in the year 1898.

Court Size:

The basketball court is a rectangular and flat surface with baskets at both ends. A basketball court can have wooden flooring or can be of concrete. According to regulations, the measurement of the basketball court is 91.9 feet in length and 49.2 feet in breadth. There are two metal hoops on either side of the court with an attached net. The metal hoops are attached to headboards. The steel rim of the metal hoops measures 18 inches in diameter each. The backboard to which the hoops are attached measures 6 feet in breadth and 3.5 feet in length. The rim is situated exactly 10 feet above the court and 4 feet inside the baseline and it is a standardized measurement which is followed in every basketball game. To know more about basketball, you can find it in the link-

Ball Weight and Size:

  • Men- The standardized ball size for men is 75 cm in circumference and weighs 623.69 grams.
  • Women- For women, the ball size is 72 cm in circumference and with a standard weight of 567 grams.

In higher levels of competition, some more equipment such as scoreboards, whistle-operated stop clocks are also used.

Number of Players:

Basketball is played by two teams at a time and the standardized number of players in each team is five.

Rules and Regulations

A basketball game is played in four quarters of 10-12 minutes.  A half-time is allowed for 10-15 minutes. Each team of five players has a coach and may have assistant coach, manager and doctors. Substitution players are allowed when the game is stopped.

The standard uniform for both men and women in a game of basketball consists of a pair of shorts and a jersey with the player number and sneakers.

The whole game is regulated by a team consisting of a referee, umpires and table officials.