Cannot play golf without drivers? For your first years of practice, the best advice we can give you is the 7 drivers’ kit. Designed to cover all distances on the course, this kit is the easiest to play ever designed. With a driver, a hybrid, irons 6 and 8, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter, you’re ready to face the course.

Discover our 7 driver’s kits

A Tripod Bag

To carry your 7 drivers easily, we recommend a tripod bag that you can put on the course. A day of golf being sporty, choose a light and comfortable bag to carry that you will forget almost during your hours of play. With the Best Golf Driver 2018 now you will be having the best deals.

Golf Balls And Accessories

Playing golf without balls? Impossible. Our advice for starting golf: choose balls of basic construction (2 pieces). Inexpensive and guaranteeing you an optimal distance on your shots, it will suit you perfectly for your first courses until their tragic end in a water hazard.

The Pitch Survey

Behind this barbaric name hides the obligatory accessory of any golfer. The pitch change will allow you, as the name suggests, recording the pitch on the greens. What is a pitch? The pitch is the trace left by the impact of your ball on the green. Very sensitive, the green (area surrounding the hole) will take several weeks to remodel if you do not take care.

The Tees

Accessory very practical for any golfer and essential for some shots, the tee raises your ball from a hole. There are different tee heights depending on your needs and the club you want to play at the start.

Holding The Golfer

The Polo

The keystone of the golfer’s silhouette, polo is sometimes compulsory on the courses, for both men and women. The important thing is to be comfortable during your swings, we advise you to wear polos designed for golf. Lightweight and breathable these polos will guarantee you a great freedom of movement.


Like its neighbor’s top polo, the golf pants are not classic pants. Designed specifically for golf, its pockets are deeper and reinforced to accommodate your balls and accessories, and its cut will allow you great freedom of movement during your swings.

The Glove

The golf glove is an essential accessory, especially when you start. To wear only on your non-director hand (the left if you are right-handed and vice versa), the glove will have two advantages: to adhere to the grip of the club for a better maintenance and to protect your skin of the irritations.

The Shoes

The golf shoes are specially designed for the movements and environment of the courses and the driving range. Whether you choose them with or without crampons, their sole will allow you to rotate without losing balance during your swing, for shots in all serenity.