Fantasy Football is just as big and popular as the real thing. Fantasy football league players spend just as much time researching stats, injury reports and various other conditions as the people who engage in professional football betting. That is actually why a large number of fantasy football players look at free football picks online to get a feel for what is in store their team this week. Just like the NFL draft can be a tricky and unforgiving experience for NFL teams, a fantasy football draft day can be just as painful.

Who Is This Season’s Biggest Fantasy Football Bust At The Moment

At the moment, this year’s largest fantasy football bust is Rob Gronkowski. This is going to come to a shock to a lot of people, but let’s look at the facts. Gronk was a number one pick in pretty much every league around the world. Even though he was not physically at 100% and Brady was out of action for 4 games, everyone still banked on Gronk to be king again. That’s not been the case. Don’t get me wrong, Brady is back and lighting teams up like he used too, but that slow start from Gronk can’t be forgotten and while he may still be able to finish out the year strong, the slow start hurt a lot of fantasy teams. Depending on the rest of the roster, it could have also spelled doom for some teams.

Thankfully football betting focuses on the entire team, and not just a handful of players. Anyone who is looking for a helping hand when it comes free football picks for all of their football betting needs (including hints that you can use to determine who to play on your fantasy team), the Machine Picks has you covered.