Boxing is phenomenal for fitness, losing weight and improving muscle strength and conditioning (toning). It’s also really fun as you pummel all your stress away on the bags.

Don’t get bored on the treadmill and get de-motivated, try out sports for fitness aswell, boxing is definitely up there as one of the best sports to lose weight, get fit and get a better body. It’s not just for men, lots of women now box for fitness across the world. If you’re not too familiar with boxing you can learn more here.

The key benefits of boxing for fitness are:

Cardiovascular fitness

Boxing training is a form of HIIT training, which stands for high intensity interval training. It is essentially short periods of high-effort exercise followed by a short recovery period, an example is doing sprints for 60 seconds, or rowing fast for 60 seconds, or cycling at top speed for 60 seconds and then recovering for a minute, recovering could be simply just walking slowing or cycling slowing or rowing at low speed. You then do the exercise again. You normally repeat this for up to 40 minutes, depending on how fit you are!

Improve strength & conditioning

Punching the bags, boxing exercises, fighting opponents, these all lead to improving your strength and muscle conditioning, which increases muscle tone and makes your body look better. Improved strength has so many benefits outside of boxing, in life in general, it reduces the amount of effort you need to use to do things, such as moving boxes, even just walking around is less effort.

Reduce stress

Had a stressful day? Taking your stress out on punching bags is a great way to relieve stress and calm yourself down. It’s a natural human instinct to get anger and stress out through violence and essential to stop the build-up of stress which can have long-term health effects. Clear your mind and hit the bags with all your strength! You’ll also feel great doing it as your brain with release endorphins!

If you just want to hit the bags to reduce stress, you could purchase a punching bag for your home! Here’s a great guide from SportGains on the best punching bags to buy.

Improve hand-eye coordination

Boxing improves your hand-eye coordination massively, imagine yourself hitting a specific point on the bag time and time again, punching at different distances, hitting mitts with someone else, blocking punches with your hands, fast punches against a speed ball. All of these things over time dramatically improves your hand-eye coordination and will help you get better at all sports, not just boxing.

Get abs

Your abdominals get a great workout when boxing training. You use your whole body when punching and so your core is used all the time. For this reason boxing trainers incorporate a lot of ab exercises in their sessions as well, so be prepared for that!

Burn calories and fat

As you perform the high intensity workouts (HIIT), you actually burn more fat and calories than if you would do normal exercise for the same time period. If your diet is good, as in, not eating too many carbs or sugar, you will be burning fat at a ridiculous rate.

Impressed with what boxing can do for you? Try out boxing today, and improve your cardio, strength, stress levels and have fun!