You must have seen cheerleaders supporting their favorite team in different kinds of sport events nowadays. Young girls with colorful pompoms in their hands dance and support their team when they do well. The crowd also gets entertained through them. However, people have mixed reactions regarding cheerleaders and some of the reactions are not acceptable by them.

Negative responses for Cheer Leading

There are many people who do not think cheer leading as a kind of sport event and this irritates the cheerleaders to great extent. Be it your closest buddy, or a good player in your class or your relatives, they think that you became a cheerleader since you lacked ‘athletic’ qualities. This is not true in any sense. It is quite difficult to make the people understand that being a cheerleader needs you to be a person with good fitness in the first place.

Another reason for negative impact of cheer leading is that it gets under the skin and some people have issues with that. People have their own reasons and facts and it is very difficult to prove them wrong. So if you want to make your stand clear, it is important that you present the right facts in front of them so that they have something solid to argue about. An educated argument is sure to give you the right edge over your criticizers.

What does the term ‘Sport’ Officially mean?

It is actually very difficult to define the term ‘sport’ in the right words. The office of Civil Rights decides to call an event a sport by doing a case by case study of the same. The Women’s Sports Foundation has done good research on the same and has narrowed down some points, which when covered in an event, can be categorized as a sport.

  • A sport should involve physical activity for sure. It should be able to excite the crowd to a great extent and entertain them. Cheer leading matches this criterion well enough!
  • There should be a sense of competition in the event. It means that there should be an opponent and there should be challenges of overdoing each other.
  • There should be certain rules and regulations that need to be followed and maintained. For instance, there should be a fixed time for the event to begin and end, a proper space where the event is organized, the purpose with which the game is being played and the provision of selecting a winner.
  • Acknowledging the fact that the competition was able to bring out the best skills of the player/players.

Considering all these points that can define a ‘sport’, there is no doubt about the fact that cheer leading in definitely a sport as it covers all these points without any confusion. However, for some people these four points are not enough. They need more reasons to call cheer leading a sport and you will not be able to satisfy them in any manner.

A comprehensive Conclusion

It is quite interesting to see that all the athletic qualities that are required for a sport are covered in cheer leading. The only thing that is missing in cheer leading is the sense of competition. The main aim of the cheerleaders is to entertain and support their team and audience.

Debate on this particular topic is unending and it can be rather difficult to prove your point. The only thing you can do in your support is to present all the above mentioned facts. Even after listening to them if somebody does not consider cheer leading as a sport, it is their problem, not yours. You know the facts right and that is all that matters.