The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the greatest, historical football teams of all times in America. They are the part of the American Football Conference (AFC) and represent the northern region. They are also a very much part of the National Football League of USA. Paul Brown Stadium is their home ground for all seasons.

A short history of this team:

The cincinnati Bengals football team was set up by the former coach of cleveland, mr paul brown in the year 1966. it was formerly a part of afl, famously known as american football league. from the inception of bengals, brown was the head coach and mentor cum manager.

Riverfront Stadium was their home ground where they share the field with Cincinnati Reds team. In 1970, they took part in the league game and reached the position of playoffs. In their long history of football, they reached playoff three times but could not conquer the final battle. In the year 1975, the Bengals made a huge record when they secured an 11-3 win. For the first time, they reached the finals but got defeated by the unbeaten Oakland by a 12-2 loss.

In the Super Bowl league, they impressed millions and even reached the finals two times. But San Francisco 49ers defeated them both times. Though their journey was impressive throughout but failed to win any trophies. In the year 1991, their coach Paul Brown died and left them shocked to the core.

How is their current form?

Cincinnati Bengals’s strong side was always their defense. The way they rotated their player in a fraction of movements was appraised by millions. But last year, their so-called defense got attacked too many times and they lost the league. But if the official sources of Bengals are to be believed then both their defensive and attacking sides are in form and the chance of winning is quite bright. Their supporters have already started collecting Cincinnati Bengals tickets.

The excitement level is really high of their supporters. But their supporters are wishing to see the younger sides of Bengals and they want to expel Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlop. They are not in the good form like their Tampa Bay days. Supporters and well-wishers of Bengal also want to see Magus Hunt on the reserve Bench as he was about to enter the age of 29. They are seriously not that capable of handling the weaker defensive sides. If Bengals really wish to win the league this year then it would be better to accept these demands.

Their upcoming matches:

Cincinnati Bengals are totally ready with their crushing team to play the league matches this year. They will first face Minnesota Vikings on 12th August at their home ground. Then they have matches with Detroit lions and Jacksonville and both the matches are away matches. Then again they will face Indianapolis at Paul Brown stadium on 1st September 2016. Their fifth match will be against New York Jets followed by Pittsburgh, Denver Broncos, and Miami Dolphins and so on. You can find Cincinnati Bengals tickets for sale at