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A very notable aspect in people these days is that the number of takers for adventure games has gone up. Call it the adrenaline rush that these sporting events offer or the fact that people have become more open to accepting challenges. Cliff or platform diving, bungee jumping, sky diving and paragliding are all sports activities that are quite popular everywhere in the world. There are special spots around the world where these sporting events happen seriously and there are racing events and championships too. Gary Hunt is a renowned cliff diver who has become very famous and he has won accolades that very few have got for themselves.

How has the scenario for adventure sports grown?

The rush to perform these risky sports has grown in the past few years radically and there are top-level championships for the same too. Gary Hunt is a five-time Red Bull World Series champion himself and the 32-year old is at an all-time high now. He has had his winning streak ever since he was the runner up in 2009 World Series. Few can challenge this achievement.

The arena for World Series championships has become wide, and more popular as one can see the number of such events worldwide. In fact, Hunt himself is also aiming to compete in the Olympics and Commonwealth in this game of cliff diving.

Cliff diving and why is it risky?

Diving in to nothingness from the top of the cliff is indeed a very exhilarating experience and yes, risky. The divers must be very active and physically fit apart from having great love for sea. The divers have to jump from the edge of the cliff of around 18-27 meters height. The divers have to do summersaults midair and then land in to the deep waters of the ocean without causing a big splash too. Cliff diving first began around 250 years and in remote Hawaiian Islands only. Slowly, it began to make waves and people started following it even in cities and now the championships and athletes like Gary Hunt are there to prove that the popularity exists even today.

Apart from the risk that cliff divers might hit the rough edges of the rocky cliffs that might mercilessly take away the life of these people in a moment, the risk that hitting water at the speed of 70mph might also prove to be fatal is a thrill. It gives many cliff divers the thrill to do mid-air jigs before landing the joy,which is irreplaceable.

Why accolades might not matter?

People like Hunt might visit places like Oahu Hawaii, Acapulco, Mexico, and Greece where there are many scenic spots, which host these events. The rush of chill breeze and the clear blue green oceanic waters along with the sharp and cliff give a different dimension to the sport.

The only thing that one has to keep in mind is that all these sports of extreme nature need practice and exceptional guidance for many years before anyone makes a splash!