A small tool which is used to prop up the golf ball is known as a golf tee. At each new hole it is used on the first shot while playing game of golf. These golf tees are mainly manufactured by using the advanced technique and fashion. The method of making these golf tees depends on the material which is used generally the materials are cut or formed and then after finishing the methodology the material is packed properly. In nineteenth century the first patented golf tee was designed and to everyone’s surprise there have been only minimal changes in its construction today. It is evaluated that about two billion wood golf tees are used by the U.S. golf markets every year. It is also expected that as the popularity of golf game is increasing so the usage of golf tees will also increase accordingly.

Inception of Golf Tees:-

Golf tees was invented from the time golf have been started to play long back in the late nineteenth century and still its design have little changes since its inception. There are numerous thesis which depicts the how and where golf started. According to some research the modern golf game was invented with a game which was played during the Romans era. This game was known as Pagancia which encompasses of hitting a leather ball which was filled by feathers. Other suggests that golf was derived from English game cambuca and French game chole. But the most similar game to golf is known as kolfspe which was played in Holland around 1295.The player had to hit the ball with the wooden club and in order to get a clear shot the player had to raise the ball on a tuitje, which is the small heap of sand. This was the first golf tee. Golf game was played in Scotland during the 1400s and the first organization of golf was formed in 1735.this game is played with 13 set rules which become the standard of playing this game in       1754.One of the exceptional rule was that ball should not be placed on a tee to refine a watery lie.

George Grant was issued the first patent for a golf tee in 1899.there was many innovations in respect of the golf tees shape. For instance, during the 1970s the golf tees were granted two patents which had different designs so that the flight of the ball can be improved. Other patents include that the golf tees remain at the ground often after the ball was hit. An angled golf tee was introduced in 1980s.in 1991; the material of the golf tee was changed to biodegradable resin. There have been introduction of different materials which will be used in the make the golf tees such as tees made from corn, clay tees, and tees which will be made up from the animal products. In the last 20 years more than 25 new patents have been implemented and executed in order to improve the golf tees. But the point to be considered that still the golf tee possess the same shape as it had since its inception.

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