The sport of table tennis is thrilling and packed with action, strategy, speed, and skill. It’s not a sport for everyone, but if you think you would enjoy an indoor sport that requires both skilled footwork and practised hand-eye coordination with good reflexes and quick thinking, the sport of table tennis may be right for you. Aside from getting yourself set up with a table and a place to play, you need only select the right blade and rubber, and at some point, if you get good enough, you may want to consider getting some new shoes.

Selecting the Right Blade

Not all sports goods shops in Cambridgeshire are going to carry specialised table tennis equipment, so you would be wise to find a shop that does and that also offers advice on how to best equip yourself. You’ve played table tennis enough to get yourself fairly competitive, and now you need to determine the blade elasticity that will allow you to better control the ball when it’s on your side of the net. On the more elastic side, you will have more ability to control the ball, while sacrificing speed. Elastic blades are great for beginners who are learning ball placement and spin. On the stiff side, you’re changing from a ball control strategy to a speed strategy, counting on well-hit backhands to outdo your opponent.

The Best Rubber for Your Game

As is the case with blades, your selection of rubber for your blade will largely depend on your style of play and the amount of control you want to have on the ball. On one end, you have the sticky and higher friction rubbers, which will range from a great level of control with spin characteristics as you get toward the mid-range mixes of elastic rubbers. As you move up through the elastic rubbers, you can realise greater speed and varying levels of spin for more aggressive play and offensive strategies. A good table tennis sports goods shop will have knowledgeable staff to help you choose the right combination of blade and rubber for your ability and style of play.