Do you fancy owning your very own Lombardi trophy replica?

Well, you are lucky as COPYTROPHY is offering you the opportunity to own your very own Lombardi trophy replica with optional personalized engraving on base. This news might not be intriguing for all. Only real fans who take football memorabilia seriously will understand what it really means to own a quality replica.

CopyTrophy is considered as the leading supplier of football trophies. We offer Lombardi replica trophies for sale to club owners, coaches, players and of course collectors. You can choose from the very first Super Bowl Trophy all the way up to the latest edition.  All out trophies are completely blank at the point of purchase and we take great pride in offering you all full trophy customization at the point of purchase.

The Difference BetweenOur Replica And The Original

The real difference in the Lombardi trophy replica and the original lies in the material and cost.

The original Super Bowl Trophy is purely handcrafted in sterling silver,it weighs 7 pounds and is approx. 22 inches high. The original Championship Trophy costs 10s of thousands of dollars. That’s quite a sum that is not going to fit most collector’s budget. Knowing this fact, COPYTROPHY has handcrafted the finest copy that costs just $435 delivered within the USA. We have used high grade brass base metal with a long lasting nickel silver finish and indentical form factor that gives our product the original look.

Furthermore our replica is not restricted to the standard engraving, we accommodate all kinds of art work such as:-

  • MVP
  • Super Bowl Logo
  • Personal Inscriptions
  • Achievement Inscriptions
  • Your Team Logo
  • Your Corporate Logo
  • In Memory Of
  • Family/Friends Names
  • Fantasy League
  • Or Any Super Bowl In History 1967 – 2016

You can buy other replica trophies online at affordable prices from overseas sellers however it is we who have set the bar in this field. Most our competition are using copies of our older versions. To this end and to stay ahead we are always upgrading our trophies and releasing new and better representations of the originals.

Another huge advantage is our U.S based operation. We dispatch all our U.S sales within the U.S and all issues are resolved within the USA. Importing Branded Logos which is essentially what you are doing buying these trophies outside the USA is illegal. They can and will get stopped by random US customs inspections and it is your address on the package.

COPYTROPHY has been serving the market for 8 years, far longer than anyone else. In our store we like to offer all our visitors the opportunity to view live feedback from other sales platforms we currently use. These are all administered by the platform owners such as Amazon for example. We have no control over what people chose to write about their experience buying our trophies. When you purchase from us you should be fully aware that we do not cater for specific dates of arrival. We give a flexible lead time of 3 to 6 weeks. The reason is really quite simple, we are a small group of Brass handicraftsmen and we make several different trophy designs to order on a first come first serve basis. When we take your order we will be working on orders taken before you. All these orders are handmade and until they have gone through inspection nothing is ready to leave. Sometimes things need rectifying. All we guarantee is the best trophy out there and our huge portfolio of feedback justifies this statement.

Try us out folks, you will be in for an absolute treat.

Warmest Regards. Lee COPYTROPHY