Rugby league is a game found in Northern England, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and many Pacific Islands, and in southern France. This fantastic sport was founded 29 August 1895 by one George Hotel in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The sport has since become one of the most popular in the world with a massive following of dedicated fans and many people spending good money to visit the stadiums in which games are held. No matter if you find yourself travelling through Sydney for fun or business or you live within a few minutes of the stadium, it is time for you to finally take the time to watch a game in action.

Constant Action

Unlike football, a game during which only feet, chests, and heads may be used to manipulate the ball, rugby is a sport that requires skill with both the hands and feet and you will see brutality, honesty, attrition, and more play out on the field during each game. Football is end to end but may become quite slow as you watch for an hour or longer with only one score on the board between both teams. No matter if the final score is only 8-6 or if the game ended in a spectacular 48-46, simply watching with the many thousands of other fans will be just as exciting.

Allianz stadium tickets are highly cost-effective and are something that travellers and locals alike vie for every game, meaning that you never know just what type of amazing people you may meet in the stadium. Rugby players take some large hits during the game and this is one of the many allures of it all as these fiercely competitive and athletic professionals take the field and fight for the win during each game. The players who undertake each game wear little to no padding at all and although many of the hits are not quite the same in terms of sheer collision force as in American football, you must admire the sheer bravery of these players.

More Gameplay

Rugby league will offer significantly more gameplay, about 60 minutes of pure rugby for every 80 of the game, allowing you to watch heart-stopping action from start to finish. Consider for a moment just how often you must stop and wait for the team to get back to the game during other sports events, even with rugby union, which will offer only an average of 30 minutes of direct gameplay per 80 minutes. The result is that you get to see more and get more for your money when you purchase tickets to watch the match play out on the field below.

The Fans

The fans of any sport are the driving force behind its success and rugby fans are excitable, dedicated, and exceptionally welcoming of newcomers. This is your chance to force friendships and bonds that may otherwise elude you in different situations and going to watch a match live is similar to visiting the stadium with your entire family in tow. Everyone will be excited together, cheer together, and otherwise have a great time as a whole.