A bike GPS tracks and records your speed and the distance traveled using satellite navigation technology. There are many GPS in the market which gives you many options. Like all other products, the various GPS vary in quality and performance with some proving to be better than others. The best GPS currently in the market is the Garmin Forerunner 910XT, a new generation of multi-sport watch from Garmin. Like any other GPS watch, Garmin Forerunner 910xT records where you went, how fast and how long it took you to get there. This information is saved and uploaded to Garmin connect. It can be used when running, swimming or cycling. In this Mountain Bike GPS Review, I will discuss Garmin FR910xT about its use on a mountain bike.


1.Auto Pause

This feature enables the watch to pause recording when a certain configurable speed is attained. An instance when it’s necessary to pause the recording is when you are cycling across a town and you come along stop signs and stoplights. With an auto pause, you simply remain hands-free every time you hit a red light and the watch automatically pauses the recording. When the light turns green, the recording resumes. You can choose to either use the default speed settings or customize them.

  1. Workout Mode

A customizable feature that allows you to set a simple workout interval and then have the watch guide you. You simply create a cycling plan and let the watch own you when you are out executing the plan. This can be configured in Garmin connect or Garmin training center. To get it on your watch you click on ”send to watch” Once it’s on your watch you select a workout and follow the directions, step by step. You can specify your preferred number of parameters for racing or training.

  1. Courses

Courses allow you to specify a route online. Once you specify a route, you get a trail on your watch which you are supposed to follow. You create the plan on Garmin connect. Courses can also be created and downloaded from MapmyRide. The feature is currently basic with few options since it was invented recently.

  1. Data field customization

The ability to customize data fields is probably the main difference between lower and higher end Garmin watches. You have many customization options with FR910xT. Up to four data fields can be configured per page and there are four data pages available for use. Data fields are subject to change because new data fields are usually added from time to time.


→ It has a barometric altimeter.

→Has a cycling reminder feature.

→ It has a virtual racer feature enabling you to cycle past performances.

→ It can download workouts from ANT + to your computer.

→ It accurately tracks speed, distance and a whole ton of other metrics.

→ It connects to ANT + speed sensors.


→ It doesn’t work like a normal non-sports watch because its battery can only last for 20 hours.

Multi-sport Garmin FR910xT ensures you capture highly accurate data on your time, distance, speed and elevation. Elevation data include your descent, ascent and grade. You can set up a vibration alert to notify you when you hit a split when it’s time for nutrition or just to get some feedback that will keep you focused on your goals. You should always upload your workouts to Garmin Connect so that you can be able to view your activity on a map as well as see all detailed metrics. Apart from the watch, the watch box also comes with a charger, charging clip, expanding strap and a manual.