Are you looking to get a more toned body by building muscle and shredding body fat fast? This isn’t easy, but it is possible, so if you’re prepared to put in the hard work by hitting the gym regularly, eating right and working out with an experienced personal trainer, read on as this article is for you.

Eat Right and Strategize Your Carb Intake

It’s essential that you eat the right foods at the right times if you’re to get ripped fast, plus you’ll also need to have a carbohydrate strategy in place so that you consume carbs correctly.

  • Eat 5 – 6 times a day at 2 – 3-hour intervals – Keep your food intake regular
  • Eat a protein snack just before bed – Yoghurt, milk or something with lactose is good
  • Get a good balance of carbohydrates – In the morning and post-workout are best

No one reduces body fat or gains muscle mass without eating the right foods at the right times, making diet one of the most important aspects of your efforts to get ripped. Any personal trainer will inform you of this, including Manchester’s leading personal trainer and nutrition consultant. It also doesn’t need to be mentioned that you should limit your alcohol intake and avoid junk food!

Weights Over Cardio

It’s important to do some cardio at the right times, like a short post-workout cardio session (keep it under 20 minutes and don’t go too hard), but weight training is what you need to build muscle mass and reduce body fat. Hitting the weights at least 3 – 4 times a week is essential and you need to do a variety of exercises that target all muscle groups.

If you work out in the afternoons and have time to spare in the mornings, a pre-breakfast jog or walk is excellent for reducing body fat, though have a protein shake beforehand to break the overnight fast. Some people advise avoiding cardio altogether, though cardio is great for your overall health, especially respiratory health, so it’s good to get your heart pumping with a run or swim regularly.

Vary it Up

As you’re hitting the weights regularly, it won’t be long until your body knows what to expect, so vary things up by changing the reps and weights at least every three weeks and look for different ways to build muscle like super-sets and drop-sets, both of which should be featured in your workout routine.

Super-sets involve rotating between two exercises, which can be the same body group or a different body group. For example, alternating between a flat bench press with a barbell and an incline press with dumbbells, both of which work your chest. Drop-sets involve doing short sets with heavy weights with the final set a lower weight which you continue the reps for until you reach failure.

To get ripped by building muscle mass and shredding body fat, follow the helpful tips above, and to see the very best results, work out under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer.