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Why on earth should you watch college football when there is NFL? A mighty question. If you are not an insider, you might look for motivation or pure simply guidance as to which type of game to watch. Should you watch NFL or should you watch the college football?

Some fans will insist on watching college football rather than NFL. They will keep saying until you take notice. So, why college football? If you are wondering, Aaron Michael Hartfield has the answer which might help you decide.

People watch football for fun. They want to forget the world and the problems of life for a few hours and swim with the flood of excitement. This is the reason, many focus on football. It is the most popular sport which no one can deny. People watch football for the passion it brings along. They watch it for the excitement it instills. They watch for their team.

College football bring them all to you. Of course, NFL is exciting, but when it comes to college football the matter becomes personal. It is like your own family is down there playing for the glory. In college football each game matters. When a team loses it has to wait for a year to get back to the rival. This is one of the reasons why college football brings such vigorous excitement.

Football stars, Aaron Michael Hartfield claims, are the attraction of the sport. No one can deny the star power of NFL. The sport is star studded. Yet, college football is full stars too. Here you will find more stars than NFL. Even the most unpopular team has that one footballer who demands attention and respect. This is one of the reasons why college football holds such high regard among the fans.

Looking for a game which brings players with speed and wits? If yes, college football is the game for you. It brings young players with speed, passion and aggression. Not that NFL players lack any of these traits, college teams bring fresh talents trying to make a name out there. Therefore, they are more likely to make you hang at the edge of your seat for the next throw or pass receive.

Mascots are one of the attractions of the college football. NFL teams have their shares of mascots, but fans usually are not aware of them. However, college mascots are as big as the teams themselves. They have much bigger impact.

Being successful in college football as Aaron Michael Hartfield puts it can be a challenge. You are not only competing against the opponents, you are competing against yourself too. There are more than hundreds teams out there. You must keep improving yourself or you must say goodbye. This is one of the reasons, fans who love challenges, prefer college football over NFL.

Football is all about rivalries. Without arch enemies the game loses its essence. While NFL has its own set of arch rivals, college football takes it to next level. The rivalry in college football feels more intimate than that of NFL.