It’s summer and what a perfect way to spend it than to buckle up your roller skates and go along for a ride. Like any other objects with wheels, it has bearings to keep the wheel in place and to move around without causing too much friction. And since it has bearings, it’s natural to have them replace when they are causing problems.

Here are the steps in replacing the bearings of your rollerskates:

Remove the Screws from the Wheel Base

Using the right Allen Wrench size, unscrew all the screws attached to the axle. Once it’s done, use a pin to fish out the pins from it. The wheel should come off if that happens. Make sure to gather all the screws and pins once removed because they’re small and they can get lost easily.

Fish Out the Bearings From the Wheel

With the roller wheel out, it’s time to remove the wheel bearings. Using a pen, put the wheel on the pen’s tip and push the wheel down. The bearing should come off that way. It will require effort on your part but rest assured, there will be no damage on the bearing with this method. Make sure to remove the bearings on both sides of the wheel.

Clean the Spacer

The spacer helps keep the bearings in place. It is necessary to clean them using a wet rag. No need to apply grease on it. The bearings are located here.

Replace the Bearings

Some bearings have certain directions to face so make sure to take note of this before installing new ones. Use a flat surface for extra leverage when attaching the bearings on either side of the wheel. Carefully push them along with the spacer into the wheel assembly and make sure they are aligned on both sides.

Replace the Wheel Axle

Using the Allen Wrench, put the removed wheel axle back into its place. If the spacer of the wheel is made up of aluminium, make sure to tighten the bolts as far as they can go. If it’s made of plastic, loosen them a little but not too much or else they’ll fall off!

Test the Wheel

Now that the wheel bearings have been replaced, it’s time to test them out. You can do so by spinning the wheel. If the wheel wobbles, tighten the axle a little. If the wheel has trouble spinning, loosen the axle just a bit.

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