In case you reside in Niagara or have visited it previously, you got to see the volleyball tournaments that take place there. The tournament is the best of its type in the world as it has several teams and people playing volleyball at one any time there.

The tournament takes place at a beach in Niagara and has many teams which participate there. The crowd which attends it is at least 20000 people playing volleyball and taking active participation in the event. There are several people and many of the local come there to spend quality time here.

The day is full of fun as the weather is sunny and hot at that time of the year. There are teams from all around the nation who happen to attend the event and raise money for nice cause. The volleyball tournaments usually start at 9 am for registration and the crowd begins to gather fast.

It is a nice place to meet people during the volleyball tournaments and one can have a great experience in case you have not attended it. You will have a nice time participating in the tournament and also assist the local charities in this tournament.

Active participation in the tournaments

There are many volleyball teams participating in the volleyball tournaments. It is a great event that enthralls the crowds to a great extent. It is considered a premier volleyball tournament and many youngsters participate in it.

There are teams which qualify from different leagues and the best team makes it to the finals. The volleyball coaches help in honing the skills of the players prior to the start of the tournament. The coaches help in improving the skills of the players to a great extent.

The athletes have to practice their volleyball skills when they are not present on the court. The things they require to play is a net. The players for practicing purposes need to ensure that the net has the same height as used in the tournaments. The net need not be heavy and needs to be something that can be carried.

The cost of the volleyball equipment depends on the quality of the volleyball equipment. There are varied makers for the net systems. One has to consider the boundaries of the court.

The right coach for the volleyball tournaments

One needs to have the right coach whose coaching style will prove beneficial to you. You have to really find how many years has the coach given training or coaching to the players as this is a vital factor in gauging the efficiency of the coach.


The rules are strict for the volleyball tournaments. There has to be no swearing at another player or the referee. There has to be no comments which initiate a fight with any person.

The splendid volleyball tournaments take place at the sandy beaches of lakeside park with nice views on the sunsets on Lake Ontario. The sunset beach is in Port Weller which is a 5 minute drive from Port Dalhousie. There are three awesome beach volleyball courts. They have the best change rooms and washrooms.