Online gaming is the national pastime in Korea. It all started with Japanese occupation and continuous support by the Korean government.  Government has invested considerably in the infrastructure and excellent internet facilities which led to development of online gaming in the country. Unlike rest of the world where console games are famous, online games are very popular in Korea. The illegal copying of the PC games prompted them to develop internet games which has revolutionised the online gaming industry. It is a profitable market with a graphical base and multi-player game along with copyright protection. Find the먹튀검증 link here to get started.

Popular online games:

It all started with StarCraft released in 1998.The science fiction game developed in US gained extreme popularity in Korea and did great business there with 9.5 million copies sold there. Later Korean companies like NCsoft (, Wizet ( , Gravity(  and many more jumped into this business with many creative games. Lineage is a medieval period fantasy game by NCsoft. Maple tree another multi player game so much appreciated by women players and it can be played for free. It has record level subscription worldwide. Later in 2000’s online racing games like Kart rider, Ragnarok online gained popularity. Till present times it has highest subscriptions and became a franchise with comics and games in the market. Real time strategy games like League of Legends, Shooting games like Call of Duty or Counter strike and Racing games like Halo-3 and Guitar Hero have been part on competitive gaming and became part of E-sport.

Online Championships:

StarCraft has also brought another trend in gaming industry by giving birth to professional gaming leagues. Soon the teams are supported by major corporations and gained support from all over including government approvals.  These tournaments became similar to any other sport even in the country with number of spectators and commentators.  SKY pro league was first of its kind saw a huge spectator crowd for the game of StarCraft.

These leagues have got craze like football league and this was evident when League of Legends played in the world cup soccer stadium by witnessing same amount of crowd. The planning, professional training, organised sponsorships and enthusiastic viewers filling the stadiums are main reasons of increasing popularity. The advent of smartphones helped in wide spread of the online games to nook and corner of the country. The details of the tournaments can be viewed in website. Click the 먹튀검증 link in order to get started.

This love is turning to addiction in Korea. There were reports that people spend days in front of computer playing games. Government is taking steps by proposing gaming shutdown time 12AM to 6PM and also by forming Game rating board by regulating games in the country to avoid violence in games to protect children.

Online gaming has become profession for many youth in the country.  Though the salaries are not made public but they earn too high as per market trends. The biggest prize money attracts the students too into this field and proves their ability.