Halftime entertainment plans for the football matches must be inspiring and attracting so that they can draw the attention of the audience including those watching the match on TV at home. For most audience present in the stands, halftime is the time to run to concession stand or other necessary places. The same also applies for the home audience. The football audience knows well enough about the game as well as its history. Therefore, doing something ordinary could fail to serve the actual purpose.

Here are some ideas that can be implanted to catch the attention of the audience during the halftime of a football match.

Kicking competition – This requires the participants to kick footballs from various distances and from both the sets of the hash marks and between the hash marks that cover particular distances on the football ground. You may declare prizes for shortest and longest field goals, toughest angle and the most made per attempt.

  • Flag football competition – The duration of halftimes differ by the type of football game. In college and high school football matches, it is usually 20 minutes in maximum. But in the NFLs, the duration is of 10 to 15 minutes unless it is a Super Bowl or the playoffs. Arranging a flag football game can be a very good idea if the time permits. You may arrange a match of 7 on 7 mixed with both women and men. You may also ask the youngsters to participate in the game. In this game, flags should be worn on both sides of the participant’s waist attached with a strap with Velcro so that they can be easily pulled off if one player from the opponent team grabs it. Depending on the duration of the halftime, this entertaining game can be arranged on either one half of the ground or the entire ground.
  • Punting a football game – Punting a football can be another good game that can be arranged during the halftime. Punting a ball is good not only for distance but also for accuracy. You may find many people from the audience who want to try punting for distance, height and the angle of the punt. You may award the individual who has done the best in every aspect of the game.
  • Passing competition – This is one of the most entertaining ideas for drawing the attention of the football audience during the halftime of a game. Many from the audience would like to check how far they are able to throw the ball. Hold the competition in which pre-selected participants including adults and children go on the ground and pass the ball in the below-mentioned categories.
  1. Distance
  2. Route, timing or patterns
  3. Touch passes

Discussed above are just a few of many exciting halftime entertainment plans for football that you can hold during the halftime of a football match. The ideas would be great if implemented properly to catch the attention of the audience on the stands and at home.