The sports professionals often look for the branded sports items that could make them in achieving the satisfaction while they are playing. Hence they choose the products that are made of high-quality material and chose the different strings that are suitable for the weather conditions, indoor and outdoor and so on. There are a lot of sports retailers who sell the branded sports items for these professionals, one among such sports retail shop is ATRS ports that have all kinds of sports items for each and every sport. This leading sports goods shop is the place where almost all the athletes depend on, they are specialized in offering the high-quality racquets, Tennis Stringing Toronto, footwear and other equipment which are highly branded and available at reasonable prices.

What are the different tennis strings available?

The Tennis Stringing Toronto are made of different kinds of materials, they are as follows:

  • Natural Gut: This type of string is one of the costliest and is the top choice for the WTA as well as the ATP players, this string is manufactured with the polyester which gives the player to have control over it and good grab that helps for getting the perfect top-spin.
  • Nylon: This is nothing but the synthetic gut, almost all the non-professional tennis players use this nylon strings.
  • Polyester: this type of string provides the perfect durability which is manufactured with a combination of the natural gut as well as the soft synthetics that are perfect for use by the professionals.
  • Kevlar: Kevlar is manufactured with a combination of nylon which gives the players with an extremely strong and stiff grip.

Tips while buying the strings:

  • It is always good to buy the two different frames, which helps you in gaining experience with the different types of strings as well as the tensions.
  • When playing outdoors it is good to have the strings that produce the lower string tensions, particularly in the season of spring and fall in which the temperature is cool. This is because the lower tensions help in getting the large hit, whereas, in the case of playing indoors, the higher tension strings help you better in getting the control over the ball.
  • In case if the player is the aggressive person while playing, it is always better to choose the slightly higher tension strings that provide the extra control over the ball.
  • In general, the temperature affects the playability, in the cold season, the strings play with high stiff and even less powerful, on the other hand, in the hot season, the strings will be more elastic that enable the ball to fly further. Therefore, it is advisable to not to store the racquets in the car, similarly, it is good to store the racquets in sports bag which has the thermal racquet compartment.
  • Many players including the professionals are using the strings with lower tensions; this is because they are manufactured with new technologies that let the players play even good at this low tension level itself.