The NFL is widely popular and loved by fans across the USA. When it comes to some of the most popular teams, The Green Bay Packers is one of those teams that top the list. They have fans of all ages across the USA and are widely loved in Wisconsin. When it comes to their game, they have some of the world’s most amazing players that are iconic and loved both on and off field.

Some amazing facts

Green Bay is one of the smallest cities to host an NFL team and The Green Bay Packers has one of the most loyal fan bases in the world. If you want to get tickets for their NFL match you will find that they have all been sold out since 1960. There is however a renewal rate of 99.6 percent this means about 100 tickets or so are available to a waiting list of approximately 86,000 people. In case, you get on the list now, you might have to wait for about 950 years- sounds surprising but is true!

Fans of The Chicago Bears have long taunted them by calling them Cheeseheads. The reason behind this is that they are from Wisconsin that is known for its cheese production. Wisconsin fan, Sandy Petrocelli says that the Green Bay Packers were not insulted with this name. They embraced it and in fact called themselves Cheeseheads. This prompted a fan to wear a cheese shaped hat to a game and this gave birth to a tradition of mass manufacture of cheese hats in the area.

Lambeau- His impact on the team

The team practices on the frozen tundra that is called The Lambeau Field. Lambeau was the founder and player of the team. He was also the first Head Coach of the Team. He was called Earl Curly Lambeau and worked for the Indian Packing Company- this was a meat packing plant that sponsored the team and rendered it its name. Lambeau had attended Notre Dame and used the color scheme of the school for the very first iterations of the Green Bay Packers in The American Professional Football Association in the early 20th Century. The current colors of gold and green were embraced in 1950. LeRoy Butler created one of the most memorable traditions of the game in 1993 and that was The Lambeau Leap- this meant that when a player of the team scores a touchdown he jumps or makes an attempt to jump into the loving and enthusiastic arms of the home crowd.

Sandy Petrocelli says that when it comes to the games of the Green Bay Packers he never misses a chance to watch his favorite players in action. He has been a fan of NFL for a very long time and he loves sharing news and stories with everyone about his favorite teams and players. He says that each of the NFL teams have an amazing history and this is why they are loved today deeply. The Green Bay Packers are no exception- they are surely one of the best teams of the NFL with the strongest base of loyal fans!