Hunting is not what many people believe it to be. For starters, hunters don’t go out into the wild and shoot at anything with a heartbeat, most hunters have the utmost respect for the animals they hunt and adhere to legal hunting limits and sizes.

Secondly, there’s a great deal of skill and knowledge involved in successful hunting as you can’t simply wander off into a forest with a rifle or a crossbow and return with your intended catch. There’s an art to hunting that takes many years to acquire.

And thirdly, hunters enrol and partake in safety training as they recognise that there are dangers inherent to the pastime, dangers that must be managed responsibly. Here’s a quick look at hunting for beginners and the equipment that you’ll need to invest in.


Quality hunting clothing can be expensive but you have quite a few options here. Camouflage uniforms are a popular choice and you can get a great deal at your local army disposal store. Save money here and you’ll have more to spend on quality firearms in Perth from Steelos Gun’s & Outdoors, which is a much better allocation of the financial resources that you’ve decided to dedicate to your hunting efforts.


Unless you’re opting for a crossbow, which is a very popular hunting weapon these days, you’ll need to find a good firearms shop that offers a great selection of firearms. Guns for sale in Perth are only for purchase by those with the required license, so you’ll need to arrange this first, however, you can always take a look at what’s on offer while you’re waiting for your permit, or you can find a gun shop that arranges permits and have them take care of all the paperwork for you.

There’s a huge selection of guns to choose from these days, so you need to consider what you’ll be hunting, what you feel comfortable shooting and, of course, consider the budget that you have to work with. Expect to pay a minimum of $800 for a quality shotgun and upwards of $1500 for something special.

Optic sights and lasers are popular firearm accessories; however, most experts recommend practicing your aim without the use of extras as you need to first hone your shooting skills. You need to crawl before you can walk!


As with guns, when you find a good hunting shop you’ll quickly realise that you have many options to consider here. Once again, it comes down to usage requirements, so what will you need your knife for? A good bowie or folding knife is an excellent investment, so look at the range on offer and google the brands to check online reviews. Throwing knives are popular, but if you’re looking for a practical hunting knife they’re not the best investment.

In conclusion, beginners have a lot to consider regarding the hunting gear they purchase – clothing, firearms and knives – from a local hunting store. However, once you’ve found a good hunting store with staff who are happy to advise you, picking the right hunting gear for your adventures won’t be an issue.