Cycling is a wonderful sport, and many people enjoy it. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are some dangers associated with the activity, and there are cycling-related deaths each year. While there are usually designated paths and roads for cyclists, cars still don’t see them all the time. Visibility is a big problem on the road for cyclists, and cyclists should be aware of the fact that increasing their visibility could lead to more safety.

Additionally, there are some cycling practices that will help to ensure your safety when cycling on the road. These actions can save you in a tight situation, and every cyclist should know about them because they are meant to ensure safer cycling for everyone, including cyclists, pedestrians, and cars. Here are some of the most important safety practices you should follow and safety gear you should use to make your cycling a safer experience.

Safety Gear

One of the best pieces of safety gear you can get is a long sleeve cycling jersey. Cars usually have an easier time identifying cyclists on the road if they are wearing jerseys. Because people are used to seeing cyclists wearing jerseys, they’re on the lookout for the jerseys to determine that they need to drive more carefully whenever they see one. If they don’t see a jersey, they might not realise when you, the cyclist, are close to their car.

Many jerseys are also brightly coloured, and some are even reflective at night. This is to ensure that people in cars can easily see the cyclists, even when it’s dark outside or simply gloomy. If you’d like to increase your visibility, one of the best things to do is purchase a jersey and wear it when cycling long distances and near car traffic.

You should also always wear a helmet when you ride your bicycle. Even if you are going slow, cars might not be, and if you get hit, your head is definitely worth protecting. If you haven’t bought a helmet yet, you should purchase one soon to stay safe on the road.

Safety Practices

When cycling, signalling your presence can be extremely important. For instance, if you’re cycling on the road and you’re planning to cross the street and enter another lane, you need to indicate to the cars on the road that you’re moving over to the left or to the right. You can do this by gesturing with your hand, keeping the other hand safely secured on the handles. Make sure you give them enough time to see your hand so that when you cross, you don’t accidentally get bumped.

If you have a signal bell you can ring, you should use it. Pedestrians truly cannot always hear you coming behind them, and if you’re moving quickly, it can be hard for them to get out of the way in time. Remember to use the bell a few times to signal from a distance that you’d like them to move out of the way.