Owning an Apple iPhone device is a luxurious as well as prestigious gesture for almost everyone around the globe. But Android phone has today captured the maximum market with its easy facilities and affordable handling costs. So, we can’t make any of them down in this different apps and sports app loving market. Today kids, younger and even older generation are loved to play sports and game apps in their mobile. So, here we are calling all the sports fan with the below top great and free sports app for both Apple iPhone and Google Android that will keep you updated on your favorite sport or team while on the go. These free game apps would definitely save your money for the ballpark and give you full of enjoyment and entertainment in your life.

So, you are the owner of the smart phone that means you would never having to wonder who is winning the big game  or how your fantasy team is doing or how many sports you have downloaded to hit the game while you are visiting the online play store. Free sports apps put the latest news, statistics and schedules accompanied with high resolution pictures, live stream videos and sometimes even podcasts of the action. Here we have collected some of the best sports apps for your Android phone:

  1. Team Stream by Bleacher Report: Bleacher Reports official app is one of the best ways to stay current on your favorite team. You can even choose the team as per your wish and get push notifications on the biggest news. The great feature of this is that it is not just including stories only from Bleacher Report but also from local newspapers, blogs, websites and even from Twitter so that you can get highly specialized coverage for your team.
  2. Sports Feed: Another free game app which is all about simplicity. It does not have full of features but gives users all the information that they might need in a personalized feed which is really easy to navigate. Sports feeds can streamline everything to make keeping up with sports news on the go a breeze.
  3. CBS Sports: Are you stuck without a way to watch Super Bowl 50? Sponsored by CBS Sports, this app will covered you and you can live stream the whole game on your tablet or phone. This app is also offering the personalized notification, usual schedule of updates as well as live radio and video streams.
  4. Thuuz: It is little different from other usual sports updates as it gives rates to each live sporting event on a scale of 0 – 100 so that you can easily choose the best game to watch. If you personalize it with your favourite team, you can know when an important game is on.
  5. TheScore: One of the most popular and high rated free sports app, this game offers the most major sports leagues around the world. It also delivers customized scores, news, stats, alerts and more.

So, whether it is Bleacher Report or sponsored by CBS sports, the above free apps games are top 5 most acceptable and well knows gaming apps for android mobile around the world that people would love to play. So, make your day and get in the game by playing such app games on your mobile phone.