While you are doing most athletic activities, the muscles of your groin and thighs will often rub together, which causes the sciatic nerve along the outer thigh to become somewhat irritated and the surrounding skin to chafe. With the separation and compressing of the groin and thigh muscles, it is now known to provide some relief from these problems, however.

What has come to be known as “Compression shorts,” are a specially constructed piece of sports apparel made from nylon and Lycra, ® to provide support for the waist, groin and thighs during any kind of physical activity.

Most Recognised

Maybe the most recognized use of compression shorts you will have seen previously is among professional bicyclists. Those tight-fitting biker shorts which extend from the waist to mid-thigh provide separation of the groin and thigh muscles via compression. And now there are similar shorts and clothes for other types of sports that are based on this very same principle of Skins compression clothing, or as they’d say in Germany, ‘Skins Kompression Bekleidung.’

This nylon fabric offers a cool, comfortable fit while the Lycra® provides just enough elasticity to perfectly compress and separate the muscles. Some compression shorts have also been designed to wick away excess perspiration, which aids in reducing any chafing and overheating.

Performance Advantages

Some athletes trust that compression shorts provide a definite performance advantage, due to the hamstrings and other thigh muscles used for power being held under uniform compression. This is much more preferable to most athletes than any energy lost through wasted motion and vibrations. When the groin muscles are kept away from the thigh muscles, friction and other momentum-robbing factors are also reduced. There is supposedly little scientific proof of such advantages, but still, there is a very large number of professional athletes nowadays who now definitely prefer to wear them during any kind of competition or workouts.

Compression shorts are also often advised for those people who suffer from a form of back pain known as sciatica; which is where the sciatic nerve, which runs along the outer thigh, gets to be irritated whilst exercising. A large number of sufferers have found relief from sciatic nerve pain whilst wearing compression shorts beneath their normal workout apparel. Also, many non-athletic types also find that this kind of clothing provides support to the groin area, which in turn reduces the chances of any injury while bicycling or using training equipment.

A Range of Designs

And there are some compression shorts which also include a protective cup for male athletes and also additional groin support for females. There are also compression shirts for both males and females, which offer support for the upper torso and back muscles. The fit should be snug but at the same time not too overly constrictive. The perfect pair of compression shorts should create a noticeable gap between the thighs and groin area.