The Ashes Series is highly anticipated every year. It is a series of test matches between the Australian and English cricket teams. The first test match between the two sides was played in 1877. However, that’s not the origin of the name “The Ashes”. At the time, those test matches were considered to be just test matches. The origin of the term actually begins in 1882.


In 1882, after Australia beat the English side fairly handily, an Australian newspaper wrote a satirical obituary. The obituary claimed that English cricket had died and that the ashes will be delivered to Australia. That is the origin of the name “The Ashes”. That same year, a terracotta urn was presented to the Australian cricket side and said to contain ashes. The exact origin of the urn has been lost, and it is not clear what is actually inside the urn.

Most believe that the urn contains the burned remains of a cricket ball. Some have claimed that it contains a woman’s veil, but that is unlikely. Whatever is in the urn, it is a highly prized award after the Ashes matches. The winner of the ashes matches each year gets to possess the urn for a year. If the matches end in a draw, the team holding the urn keeps it for another year. If you are a fan of English or Australian cricket, the Ashes matches are a great way to experience cricket at a high level. Also, they’re a great excuse to take a holiday. There are many Ashes tour packages available from great tour companies.

Tour Packages

If you are looking for a holiday getaway, the Ashes is a great excuse to do so. Also, you will be able to experience many different sites around England and Australia. There is so much to do in those two great countries that is often difficult to determine which places you want to visit. There are museums, landmarks, restaurants, theme parks, and much more. To find out which places you want to go, you need to have someone guide you. If you choose to buy a tour package, you’ll get professional advice from those who have been there before. The people who write the tours have been there, have lived there, and have experienced everything there is to experience.

The Ashes is a great tradition between two great countries. The rivalry is friendly and well-respected on both sides. For those who are looking for an excuse to go on holiday, the Ashes is a great reason to do so. You should consider a holiday tour package that takes you to some of the most exciting places to visit. You will be glad that you hired professionals to give you their expert advice.